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Run your nodejs app on all processors

  • Starnode is a node.js package powered by our WARP technology.
    Wipe out easily node performance limits.
    The more processors, the faster app!

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  • processing 6 times faster
  • Mathjs 6 times faster

Creating parallelism has never been that easy

  • Easy to code

    Use our WARP API to run in parallel any standard javascript function. And do it in a single line of code! No need to refactor your code to manage variables, objects... as you would with child process or cluster: It's all taken care of. ​

    Have a look at our API to see how to use it in your code on
    Npm   GitHub

  • Easy to deploy

    You need to have Node.js installed, version 8 or higher. We align our releases and support on the Node.js LTS versions. ​

    Deploy Starnode with npm or docker on your servers.

  • Easy to run

    Your node runtime remains unchanged. Replace "node" with "starnode" in your command line to multiply the node speed and run your scripts much faster.


  • Batch image conversion
    From a single picture, this benchmark generates a batch of images to be blured with different levels using the
    JSManipulate library.

    processing 6 times faster

    CPU Intel i7-7700 4 cores/8 threads - 4,2GHz - 32GB RAM

  • Math.js Matrix computing
    This benchmark multiply 2 matrices. On node it took almost a minute and a half. Starnode made it in less than 15 seconds!
    > Read our article about it on medium

    Mathjs 6 times faster

    Matrix: 1600x1200*1200x800, 32 bit floating
    CPU Intel i7-7700 4 cores/8 threads - 4,2GHz - 32GB RAM