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Starnode: wipe out
node performance limits

  • Starnode is a node.js package powered by our WARP technology.

    Run nodejs scripts in parallel on every CPU.

    The more CPU, the faster node!

    • processing 6 times faster
    • Mathjs 6 times faster

Creating parallelism has never been that easy

  • Easy to code

    Use our WARP API to run in parallel any standard javascript function. You don't need to refactor your code to manage variables, objects... as you would with child process or cluster: It's all taken care of. ​ ​

    Have a look at our API to see how to use it in your code on
    Npm   GitHub

  • Easy to deploy

    You need to have Node.js installed, version 8 or higher. We align our releases and support on the Node.js LTS versions. ​

    Deploy Starnode with npm or docker on your servers.

  • Easy to run

    Your node runtime remains unchanged. Replace "node" with "starnode" in your command line to multiply the node speed and run your scripts much faster.


  • Batch image conversion
    From a single picture, this benchmark generates a batch of images to be blured with different levels using the
    JSManipulate library.

    Starnode 6 times faster

    CPU Intel i7-7700 4 cores/8 threads - 4,2GHz - 32GB RAM

  • Math.js Matrix computing
    This benchmark multiply 2 matrices. On node it took almost a minute and a half. Starnode made it in less than 15 seconds!
    > Read our article about it on medium

    Starnode 6 times faster

    Matrix: 1600x1200*1200x800, 32 bit floating
    CPU Intel i7-7700 4 cores/8 threads - 4,2GHz - 32GB RAM