ScaleDynamics creates technologies to accelerate JavaScript

JavaScript technology

  • Discover WarpJS that makes you deliver features faster than ever using a new way to code and run serverless functions right from your JavaScript front-end.

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    WarpJS, create your serverless fonction in your scripts and deliver features faster than ever

Known as one of the founding languages of Internet, JavaScript is used to build web pages or servers around the world. It's an awesome language but suffers from processing performance limits. I founded ScaleDynamics to remove these limits and provide new power for the web.

Our starship crew

Compiler and runtime experts, athletes, musicians and trekkies ;)

  • Yohann as Checkov
    Yohann Roussel
    SW Engineer
  • Benoit as Scotty
    Benoit Lamarche
    SW Engineer
  • Julia as Hoshi
    Julia Collin
    Communications Manager
    Otaku & Potterhead
  • Clément as Picard
    Clément Nabot
    SW Engineer
    Enjoying cool life
  • Isabelle as Saavik
    Isabelle Gousset
    Executive Assistant
    & Administrative Manager
    Tinker Bell
  • Erwan as Gralik
    Erwan Morvillez
    Full Stack Developer
    Hamster life
  • Nicolas as Keenser
    Nicolas Pennec
    Full Stack Developer
    Grumbler life
  • Danielle as Kira Nerys
    Danielle Bachini
    Sales Representative
    Eat, sleep, Stitch

For starships, we're on Earth

Sol system Sector 001
Alpha Quadrant, Milky Way Galaxy

We're based in Brittany, France

15 Rue du Chêne Germain
35530 Cesson Sévigné