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  • Speed matters
    for Google Ranking and Conversion

    Warp improves your website
    loading time

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  • Search Engine
  • Improve your Google ranking

    Since July 2018, the mobile webpage performance is an important factor for the websites ranking in Google result pages.

    Faster => Better ranking

    Google recommends your website to load in 2 seconds or less.
    How fast is yours?

  • Why is your website slow?

    When we look closer, there are 3 main factors that can make a website slow:

    - The server processing time
    - The content to be downloaded
    - The JavaScript in the Browser

    Warp accelerates the execution of JavaScript on servers, on browsers and reduces both the server response time and the browser loading time.

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  • Loading time
    • Waiting
  • Speed brings conversion

    "53% of mobile site visits leave a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load".

    Moreover, many studies by major players (such as Google, Amazon and Akamai) established a direct link between a webpage loading time and the conversion rate.

  • Faster => Better Conversion

    Based on this data, we have developed a calculator to estimate how much more money you could make if your page loaded a few seconds faster.

    Estimate your growth potential
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    • Fast working
  • Speed-up my website

    Warp is a new technology we propose you to evaluate on your own website: contact us to solve your speed problem.